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My journey

Hi there! I'm Georgia Wagner, the creator of Squiggles & Dot, founded in 2019.


The short story is that this site came to life after I designed and handcrafted all the elements for our wedding in 2019.  From the wedding stationary, to table names and favours and many more beautiful shabby chic touches.  

The longer story... I initially trained as a clinical psychologist but having suffered a life changing accident at work I found that I needed to adjust accordingly. You cannot predict the day you're life is going to change forever or how it will turn out. I was diagnosed with a rare chronic pain condition which has been incredibly difficult to come to terms with - having a disability completely changed my identity and has been an emotional roller-coaster. However, what I have found is that my passion for art and crafts is the best therapy for coping.   

I have always been passionate about art and when I was 18, I was lucky enough to spend a blissful year at art school in Florence, Italy.  Over these past few years I slowly returned to life drawing and before I knew it our home (much to my husband's dismay) had become an art studio. Now I spend more time in the studio than anywhere else. Following our wedding, making gifts for friends and family snowballed  with a little time and much more crafting to become Squiggles & Dot!

I specialise in a range of handcrafted products including upcycled vintage items, as well as bespoke and uniquely personalised gifts and cards. Contact me to find out more.


Follow me on Instagram and facebook to see our posts about our latest projects , watch and learn techniques from our design process and get ideas from our creations. Follow @georgiawagnerartist on instagram to see my drawings and portraits. 


Thank you so much for checking out our website, as a small business it can be really hard to get seen so ig you have time please like me on Facebook. When you support a small business you're supporting a dream!

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