Halloween Crafts: pom pom spiders & lolly stick webs!

So having had some feedback from my wonderful instagram followers - parents have been asking for crafts they can do at home with their little ones! There are so many out there and it can be hard to know where to start! So I will be putting some of my favourite Halloween craft ideas together for you to have a go with.

So first up are these super cute spiderwebs. What I love about them is that your kids can have fun inventing their own spiders of all different colours - so let their imagination go wild! They are easy to make and perfect decorations for making the place a little spooky... AND not to mention this is a great activity for fine motor skills.


- 3x lolly sticks

- Pipe cleaner (you may need 1-2x depending how long they are)

- pompom

- some wool or yarn

- goggly eyes

- craft glue (or a glue gun if an adult is helping)

- paint (I always recommend washable poster paint)


  1. Paint 3x lolly sticks in your favourite halloween colours!

I chose green, orange and purple but any colours will do. You could even paint stripes or dots on them - anything goes! Let the paint dry before moving on to the next step. You can start making your pom pom spiders in the mean time (step 4).

2. Stick your 3x lolly sticks together so they form a star shape. You only need a bit of glue in the centre of each stick. I used a glue gun for ease, but recommend using PVA glue or craft glue with kids.

3. Cut a long piece of wool/string and either stick it or tie a knot the centre of the lolly sticks. Again any colour string will do! Start to wrap the the string around each lolly stick going round and round until it forms a web. It doesn't matter how the string is wrapped around the sticks it will give a web effect no matter what - there is no wrong way! Once your done wrapping the string round, you can either stick the end down with glue or tie a little knot to stop it unraveling. An extra tip is if you leave a some length on the end of the string you can later use this for hanging your spider web decoration.

4. Cut a pipe cleaner in the colour of your choice into 3 pieces - these are going to form the spider's legs! Similar to the web, glue them together in a star shape and stick them to a pom pom of your choice. Add goggly eyes and stick on to the web!! It's that simple :)